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Family & Charity

CharityThe giving and receiving of support is one of the most significant contributors to one’s ability to be a happy, healthy, productive human beings. Everyone needs support – whether emotional, financial, physical, intellectual, or otherwise – as we progress through life. And often in ways we could never have foreseen, to which Scott can certainly attest.

Support is also incredibly important – and rewarding – to give, whenever and however you can. Whether to your own family, charitable causes close to your heart, or through random acts of kindness and generosity. Good will and charitable actions have never been more important than they are right now.


None of us entered this world being able to care for ourselves, and only through years of nurturing and growth do we learn the ability to do so. Scott has been incredibly blessed by a loving and supportive family.


From 2001 to 2008, Scott Cathcart served as an advisory board member on the Gift Planning Council for his alma mater, the University of Virginia. Since 2018, Scott has served as a volunteer member of the University of Virginia’s Northern California Regional Board, supporting the University in its $5 billion “Honor the Future” capital raising campaign.


Scott Cathcart’s good friend Ras Iyah V, a Rastafarian leader and activist, taught Scott about the plights and poverty of the grassroots people living in rural Jamaica. In 2018, Iyah V inspired Scott to create a Jamaican charitable foundation with him. Scott and Iyah V are now working together to make charitable contributions and create economic opportunity for a local community in Westmoreland, Jamaica.


Chief Micheal Grizzle is the leader of the Trelawny-Flagstaff Maroons, a tribal community living proudly, but in poverty, deep in the “Cockpit Country” mountains of Jamaica. Building on the charitable model developed with Ras Iyah V, Scott Cathcart and his good friend, the Chief, have now created a second Jamaican charitable foundation for the benefit of the Chief’s community, and they are working together to make charitable contributions and create economic opportunity for the Trelawny-Flagstaff Maroons.

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