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A Look at Companies Pledging Sustainability

Companies worldwide are striving to reduce greenhouse gases and keep global warming below the recommended two degrees Celsius outlined in the Paris Agreement. While achieving zero carbon may be impossible, the carbon-neutral goal is more attainable. This concept involves removing an equal measure of carbon from the environment produced by the organization’s operations. This can help sustain our environment by reducing our impact on the planet.


This tech giant has been carbon neutral for several years, achieving that sustainability milestone in 2007. While that is an impressive accomplishment, they’re still looking for ways to affect the environment positively. Over the past 14 years, they have invested in carbon offset technology, which has helped them achieve a zero-carbon emission status. They expect to be 100% carbon-free by 2030.


The leading streaming service has enacted its Net Zero + Nature program, which creates a strategy for emitting zero greenhouse gases by the start of 2023. Their program has been established to help them reduce carbon emissions, contain existing carbon sources, and extract carbon from the atmosphere. Netflix hopes to achieve these goals by conserving and regenerating natural ecosystems. The streaming giant has also joined America’s All In initiative, which brings companies together to combat climate change.


There has always been an interest in energy conservation at Facebook, and they just announced that 2020 was their first year with zero operational carbon emissions. They have achieved this goal by eliminating the greenhouse gases their operations emitted and replacing them with more eco-friendly processes. They have also invested in technologies that help remove carbon from the atmosphere. Their next goal is to obtain net-zero status by looking at the remaining carbon-producing systems within their organizations. They are looking at how their employees commute and travel for business. Facebook stated they expect to obtain net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

More companies are taking closer looks into their operations to see how they can reduce their carbon consumption. As several industries embrace greater sustainability, some tech giants are leading the way with pledges to reduce carbon consumption. Keeping in line with the rules set out by the Paris Agreement, these companies are sticking to the outlined “science-based” restrictions.

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