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3 Ways to Make Hearing Feedback Easier

In many respects, few things in life are more unpleasant than hearing realistic feedback. Unfortunately, many people go their entire lives avoiding realistic appraisals of their strengths and weaknesses: The experience of receiving genuine criticism is often simply too painful to cope with.

Understanding Our Strengths

However, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll quickly realize that insulating ourselves from realistic feedback will do nothing but set back our sense of personal growth and achievement. To wit, if we don’t know what we’re doing wrong, we’ll have no way to improve our level of performance.

Here are just three great ways to make hearing feedback easier. Being made aware of our weaknesses is never an easy process, but there is a world of good in learning how to improve as a person.

Look at the Long-Term Benefits of Accepting Feedback

Firstly, it should be noted that the impulse to avoid honest feedback is understandable in its way. The process is certainly not fun. However, if we can understand how feedback benefits us, we’ll be more likely to endure constructive criticism of our actions. When taking in feedback, consider how criticism will allow you to grow as a human being. Isn’t that a better outcome than the alternative?

Take a Realistic Approach to Self-Improvement

Everyone has different strengths and different weaknesses. The composer Wolfgang Mozart once said of himself that he was neither a poet nor a painter. But Mozart understood music and pursued his interest in this subject to the full. When receiving criticism, we must ask ourselves: What is our particular strength in life? What unique quality can we bring to the table at a business? Criticism and honest feedback will help us better understand our talents and strengths. That knowledge can be life-changing. Let’s strive to embrace that kind of self-awareness!

Own Up To Your Shortcomings

It’s easy to see why many of us avoid criticism; certainly, it’s a comforting notion to believe that we hardly ever make mistakes or that we’re entirely on the right track to success. But it is only through owning up to our shortcomings that we can truly achieve something in life. After all, isn’t it better to own up to our faults and move forward to bigger and better achievements?

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