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3 Conferences All Entrepreneurs Should Attend in 2016

There are huge advantages from attending conferences. Among those many advantages you can learn techniques to develop your business and connect with other entrepreneurs.

While attending conferences can be worthwhile, you need to make sure you are going to the ones that hold the most value for you.Here are four gatherings that will give you the system and organizing chances to develop your business in 2016.

Secret Knock

This conference initially started in the living room of its organizer, Greg Reid. The event is semiannual and is widely known for including ground-breaking presentations from prominent moderators who’ve earned noteworthy business results and ordered provoking social change. All who wish to attend this conference must go through a screening process and be authorized to attend beforehand.

The success of these conferences are attributed to the TED-style presentations from people who are leaders of progress and supporters of partnership. Past speakers include:

  • Sharon Lechter (NY Times best selling authority on financial literacy)
  • Undercover Boss – Dina Dwyer (Mr.Rooter, Glass Dr, etc)
  • Wayne Nelson (Little River Band)
  • Dr. Gladys McGarey (Founder of Holistic Medicine)

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CEO Space
This event is open to business visionaries of all ages and is presently in its 28th year and is identified as a  business development stimulating conference and proclaims to be a global impetus for Cooperative Capitalism.

Topics covered at this conference include:

  • Discussions on legal and tax planning
  • Strategic planning sequencing
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social media and sales

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The NextGen Summit
This conference for millennial business visionaries made it’s debut in 2015. Last year this event welcomed nearly 17,000 attendees and helped startups raise more than $1 million, created many organizations, and tended to an expected 17,000 in-individual and live-stream participants.

This year the conference is expected to include:

  • TIME 25 Most Influential innovators and activists
  • Deans of Admissions to main 25 schools
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 politicos.
  • NYT top of the line creators

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